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Abundant and Eternal Joy

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. –Romans 14:7. There is abundant and eternal joy available in God’s Kingdom. The way we access this joy is not widely understood and practiced by Christians today. The few Christians who have accessed this joy verify that it is an overflowing joy that has a sense of eternity about it.

This joy is accessed by practicing a simple two-step spiritual discipline. First we get the right image of God in our minds. One of the greatest things Jesus set out to accomplish was to give our world the right image of God. For example not once do we see Jesus say to someone suffering “this is what God wants for your life” or “it’s God’s will just accept it.” Jesus always responded positively to those suffering. Jesus corrects an image of God that says “God causes suffering.” Jesus wanted us to see God does not send leukemia to little babies or manipulate tragic accidents to teach us a lesson. In moments of suffering Jesus does not want us to say “God did this to me, and there must be some reason” or “it’s God’s will.” Jesus also shows us that God is good, merciful, forgiving, great, and the ultimate Father to joy. He shows us the God values us, that God is even nuts about us (see Luke 15).

The second step is to keep the thought of God in our minds as much as possible. It is very similar to people who are falling in love. When someone is experiencing the feelings of falling in love it is because they are in relationship with someone they think is wonderful, and are thinking about that person a lot. The thought of that person brings happiness to their heart. In the same way when we discover what a wonderful person God is, and think about Him a lot it brings abundant and eternal joy into our hearts.

Pastor Greg Morrow

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