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God's Word

"I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers" –Philemon 1:4

Lately in my spiritual life I have been experimenting with a form of prayer one author called "flash prayers." This is how flash prayers work. Every day people come to our minds. It may be though our thought processes, or seeing a picture of them somewhere, or driving by their house. When someone comes to your mind you hold that person up in your heart to God. This is not a lengthy prayer but a prayer in a flash. Sometimes I just hold that person up in my heart to God for a half-second and go on. Other times I pray a sentence long prayer such as "God help things to go well at work for them today." I do not pray for everyone that comes to mind but I pray for quite a few.

This is what I have discovered from this experiment. I am able to maintain more of a sense of God’s presence with me throughout the day. This simple turning of my heart in prayer to God when someone comes to mind is an aid in practicing the presence of God. I have also found that God imparts his heart for people to me when I pray for them. If someone comes to mind I am tempted to be envious of and I pray for their success I find it easier to desire their success. If someone comes to mind that I am worried about and I pray for them I find it easier to trust in God’s care for them. Very often when I pray a flash prayer for someone I find it easier to love them. It is hard to put into words but I have also found that praying flash prayers for people helps me to see people more like God sees them. If you feel like your faith needs fresh life I encourage you to try experimenting with flash prayers.

Pastor Greg Morrow

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