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The Knowledge of God

"The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel" (which means "God with us")." - Matthew 1:23.

This text tells us the significance of Christmas. Christmas is about the availability of life with God. That is what God accomplished at Christmas. Life with God is now available. There are many analogies from human experience. A married person experiences life with their spouse. Their life takes on a different quality and dynamic because it is now lived with their spouse. The same holds true with a close friend. Many of us cannot imagine what our lives would be like without certain people in them.

Christmas is God’s invitation to live our lives with Him. As we accept God’s invitation we find that all of life takes on a different dynamic. Decisions are now made with God as we experience his guidance. We find ourselves more hopeful, because God is the most hopeful being in the universe and His hope spills over on us. We find ourselves less lonely because we sense the presence of God with us. This is why Jesus came 2,000 years ago—that we might experience life with God.

Christmas is also the season where we are reminded to invite others into this life. Many people in our world do not experience life with God. Many of these people will be the first to say they believe in God. Believing in God and experiencing life with God are two different things. I believe the cashiers at Kroger exist, but I do not experience life with them. One of the best ways we invite others into life with God is by simply sharing how life with God has been experienced in our lives. We share ways God intervened in response to our prayers. We share about moments when God’s presence brought peace to our hearts. We share about how following God’s plan has brought about an uncanny turn of events. As people see the reality of life with God in our lives they will hear God’s invitation to experience life with Him.

Pastor Greg Morrow

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