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There they nailed him to the cross. Two others were crucified with him, one on either side, with Jesus between them.
–John 19:18

This month we are in the middle of the Easter season. The time of year when we think about the crucifixion of Jesus. Recently I prayed asking God to help me comprehend the crucifixion of Jesus. I got my answer while reading a book. The author said that God gives us opportunities to comprehend the crucifixion of Jesus when He gives us opportunities to practice self-giving love. So to comprehend the crucifixion of Jesus we need two things. First, we need choose to say yes to the opportunities God gives us to practice self-giving love. Second we need to reflect on how those moments point beyond themselves to God’s self-giving love for us.

Everyday God gives us opportunities to practice self-giving love. It may be the moment when a teacher is tired and ready to go home and a student walks into her classroom asking for extra help. She says yes to the opportunity and gives 30 minutes of her time to tutor the child. It may be when a husband is exhuasted from a long day of work and just wants to veg out, but his wife needs to talk so he listens. Every day God gives each of us opportunites to practice self-giving love. When we say yes it empowers us to comprehend the crucifixion of Jesus.

But we need more than to say yes to those moments. We need to reflect on what those moments mean. The other day I had my heart set on what I wanted to do that particular evening. But I was presented with an opportunity to practice self-giving love by giving up my plans and helping someone else. Afterwards I reflected on the experience. I noticed how hard it was for me to give up an evening and then I thought about how Jesus gave up his life. In that moment I felt like I gained just a little more awareness of what Jesus actually did for me.

My prayer is that this Easter season each of us will better comprehend the crucifixion of Jesus.

Pastor Greg Morrow

Thank You!

Adam Bilitzke, a Troy Boy Scout, refurbished the figurines as his Eagle Project.  Two seniors from Miami East High School VoAg class, Dylan Hahn and Elix Isbrandt, built a new stable for the Nativity for Cove Spring Church.

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