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God's Word

"The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel" (which means "God with us"). – Matthew 1:23.

Christmas is a revelation of the nature of God. Through the Christmas event God reveals that it is His nature to want to be with us. This is a divine mystery beyond full human comprehension—that the Creator and Sustainer of all things would desire to be with us. When this revelation gets beyond mere intellectual acknowledgement that it is true, to Holy Spirit revelation in our hearts it will profoundly change our lives.

We will live with a sense that we are wanted. We live in a world where many of us do not always feel wanted. Some of us have experienced the pain of a spouse saying “I no longer want to be married to you.” Others have experienced the pain of applying for job after job and feeling like no one wants to hire you to work in your field. When the revelation of Christmas gets in our hearts it may not eliminate all the pain from being rejected in this world, but it will put the pain in proper perspective. We may not be wanted in some way in the world, but the good news of Christmas is that God wants us. We may even find ourselves saying within ourselves "so what if I have been rejected, the Living God wants to be with me."

Some of you reading may have a hard time believing that God enjoys being with you. Though each of us has good qualities the reason God wants to be with you is that He is a God of self-giving love. He wants you to be wanted. In other words out of the goodness of His heart He has given you a status as a daughter or son. God wants to be with you not because of your nature, but because of His. He wants us you know the joy of being deeply wanted and loved by the One that matters the most—Himself. He wants this because He is love.

Pastor Greg Morrow

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