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God's Word

And Jesus answering, says to them, "Have faith from God." – Mark 11:22

A COMMON STRUGGLEChristians face is having faith. Often Christians will say “I am trying to have faith.” There seems to be a misconception that faith is entirely up to us. In our text Jesus tells the disciples to have faith from God. In the Greek this expression is in the genitive case. It can mean faith inGod or faith from God. I believe Jesus has both ideas in mind. He is telling us to have faith inGod with faith fromGod. In other words we do not have the capability to have faith like Jesus modeled on our own. We cannot just snap our fingers and “be strong” or “just have faith.” We must have God’s faith in us.

God has faith. Who is God’s faith in? It is in Himself. It is similar to how we have faith in ourselves. We have faith we can safely drive our car home, faith that our grilled pork chops will turn out, or faith that we can throw a Frisbee. God has faith that he can raise the dead, work all things out for our good, and get us through a trial. The moment before God was about to open His mouth and speak the universe into being he did not think “I sure hope this is going work.” He had full faith in what he could get done. Jesus says we can God’s faith in us. That is awesome. The very faith God has in Himself we can have in us! This empowers us to have faith in God in any situation. So how do get God’s faith? God imparts His faith into our heart through the Word of God (Romans 10:17). This takes the pressure off of trying to have faith. We simply get into the Word of God and let God impart His faith into our hearts. Once His faith in in our hearts we release it through word and action.

Pastor Greg Morrow

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